VMI is one of the rare companies in the world able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that is perfectly adapted to the mixture of the most varied raw materials. We offer a range of mixers and beaters, traditional and industrial that is the most comprehensive in the world. Our know-how in the art of mixing is also revealed by the supply of systems perfectly suited to a wide range of activities: bakery craft men and industrialists, catering and central kitchens, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and coating.

VMI products:

Spiral mixers

These spiral mixers are adapted to the productivity and power requirements of the baking industry, and they clearly play the card of strength and important speeds. With all the experience of VMI on the work of frozen dough and firm dough,spiral mixers provide a very powerful and fast mixing. While mixing, the bowl is elevated from the base and maintained by a hydraulic bowl grip, thereby guaranteeing more regular dough mixing by optimizing the work of the tool-bowl. Six available tools broaden the opportunities for recipes.

Spiral Mixer

Fork mixers

The VMI industrial and semi-industrial fork mixers have been developed in compliance with the techniques of slow and intensive dough mixing, according to the purest tradition of French baking. Perfectly suited to intensive productions, these mixers are equipped with a reinforced head, a stainless steel bowl mounted on trolley, a bowl blocking system, a hydraulic hoist, and a stainless steel arm with two triangular lines to name only the major features that contribute to unequalled levels of reliability and quality of production. Their driven bowl provides regularity and a perfect mastery of mixing.

Fork Mixer

Planetary mixers

A great versatility associated with a very high level of performance make of VMI industrial planetary mixers particularly suitable equipment for operations of foaming, emulsion, creaming, gritting and whipping. All the know-how process of VMI is concentrated in these column or bridge mixers which allow, among other things, to work in vacuum or under pressure conditions, the dosing and the introduction of components, the under pressure emptying, the heating/cooling and the on-site cleaning.

Planetary Mixer

Continuous mixing systems

The VeryMix mixer continuously masters the technique of mixing and guarantees a stable quality. Equipped with constant weight feeders, an independent arm, a kneading arm mixer optimized for each type of production, it facilitates the most demanding productions in terms of rate, quality and consistency of produced dough. The formulation of recipes, dosing, planning, monitoring guidelines and traceability are managed from a supervisory screen.

Continuous mixing systems