Coperion is the worldwide market and technology leader in compounding & extrusion, materials handling and service - as well as being a partner for global corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises in the plastics, chemicals, food and aluminium industries.

As an integrated technology provider, we use our comprehensive system and process expertise to implement individual solutions for compounding technology and bulk materials handling. This includes extruders, compounders, pneumatic conveying systems as well as components for bulk material handling.

COPERION product ranges:


With Coperion you have the partner at your side who can offer you the best solution for all your compounding tasks. This begins with special applications on a laboratory scale and extends right through to industrial production plants. As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder, we possess a unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in this field. Coperion has continuously set new standards in machine and system design for processing technology since the 1950s. More than 10,000 installed compounding systems worldwide are proof of our unique system and process competence. And despite all our engineering skills we never forgot one important thing: We listen closely to what our partners say! That’s what we mean when we say “confidence through partnership”.

A.1. Machines / Systems:

ZSK Mc18 of Coperion

The ZSK series combines the results of more than 50 years of process and processing competence. It is the high-end, high-tech heart of our systems with the maximum torque, speed and free volume.

STS advanced series from Coperion

The STS series features a high degree of standardization and is especially suitable for standardized process tasks. It combines the process technology expertise of Coperion in Germany with the serial production in China at an attractive price-performance ratio. Since the series is certified according to CE standards, it can also be used in Europe.

CKY series from Coperion for the Asian market

The CTE and CKY series are developed and produced in China. They are specially adapted to the requirements of the Asian market and have no CE certification.

Module and complete systems from Coperion

Our modular and turnkey plants are a specialty in the segment for total solutions. These give the customer a compounding system pre-assembled from standardized components and integrated into the steel structure that offers everything from the raw material feeding to the entire downstream equipment.

A.2. Applications & Products:

In complex processes such as the compounding of high viscous masses, the quality of the end product is the key factor. From metering, through raw materials feeding, conveying, melting, dispersing, homogenizing, devolatilizing, pressure build-up, filtering and pelletizing, every process step has to be precisely adapted to suit the application.

The process and system competence of our specialists guarantees you high-quality results.Each one of our extruders and systems convinces customers with the optimum co-ordination of the individual process steps and gentle handling of the product – all at maximum productivity and efficiency.

Engineering plastics Food Powder Coatings

A.3. Research & Development:

As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder, we possess unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in this field. With continuous research and development work we have been able to continuously set new standards in machine and plant construction for processing technology since the 1950s.


Why individuality is our solution for bulk materials handling We prove our skill and competence at all bulk materials handling and processing stages. No matter whether we convey, separate, store, dose or thermally treat your product - quality is our benchmark. As the world market and technology leader in the bulk materials components and systems sector, we have installed more than 8,000 plants, the success of which clearly underlines our unique system and process competence.

      B.1. Plants for the plastics industry:

In the plastics and chemical industries we plan and install systems for manufacturing and processing.

No matter whether your plant has an annual output of less than 5,000 tons or more than 500,000 tons, whether you handle special or standard products - we are always the right partner with process know-how along the entire process chain.
Prozesskette Kunststoffherstellung

At Coperion as the market and technology leader, specialist knowledge is bundled with decades of experience and international expertise, making us able to realize highly-complex plants efficiently and with as few interfaces as possible.

Process chain

      B.2. Plants for the aluminium producing industry:

The tasks involved in the design and implementation of a plant from project planning through to installation, and also of individual process stages for handling alumina and petcoke for the production of primary aluminium, are extremely complex.

With their experience, pragmatic approach and our innovative technical developments, our experts make sure that the optimum solution is implemented for you in the shortes possible time.

Reliable and very gentle conveying of the raw materials ensures economical production at a consistently high quality level.

      B.3 Components and component parts:

The components developed and manufactured on our own premises are held in high esteem as top-quality products in the chemical, plastics, food and mineral industries. These are process components such as rotary valves, diverters and slide gate valves used for feeding, dosing, discharge and distribution in all pneumatic conveying processes. We also supply certified solutions for applications with very high hygiene requirements and according to ATEX specifications. Our process components also set standards at high pressures and with regard to wear protection. The development of our components is backed by our extensive experience in plant engineering, and our customers profit from process components tailored exactly to their specific needs.

Efficient discharging and conveying, high pressure, top products for the plastics industry.
Synthetic granules
We provide the suitable components for every process step in the chemical industry.
Toner powder
Innovative wear protection, maximum service life, proven solutions for the mineral industry.
Mineral compound
Cleaning in Place (CIP), hygienic product design, EHEDG certified components for the food industry.
Very gentle product handling is required: Coffee beans and coffee powder

      B.4 Technologies / processes:

First-class handling for first-class products
To maintain the quality of your products at a consistently high level, powder and pellets must be optimally handled and transported at each stage of the process chain in accordance with their respective properties.

Our intensive research and the development of new technologies have resulted in innovative processes and process components produced on our own premises which set standards in the industry. For you this means that your products are handled as gently as possible with minimum energy consumption.


Coperion’s three promises given with its service structure
Global operation     Confidence    Innovation

Facts and figures - Service

Facts & Figures - Network of 29 service centers worldwide
- Experience gathered from 10,000 compounding systems and
8,000 bulk materials handling systems installed worldwide
- Over 48,000 spare parts available
- The industry’s largest emergency stock
- 24/7 hotline
- Data archive spanning over 30 years
- Most comprehensive test labs in the industry, with 30 compounding
systems as well as 50 conveying and elutriating systems

Range of Coperion‘s services
Range of Coperion‘s services

With a wide range of service products and our comprehensive know-how,
Coperion is the full-service partner for the machines or systems of our clients.

1. Maintenance
2. Spare parts service
3. Service consulting
4. Training
5. Modernization

      C.1 Maintenance:

Coperion provides both tailor-made and standardized service packages for machines and plants. Our maintenance work secures your plant reliability and checks that resources are being deployed efficiently.

- Overhaul of components, gearboxes, die plates, knife rotors and barrels
- Enhancement of wear protection
- Components such as rotary valves and diverter valves to be hired

      C.2 Spare parts service:

With over 48,000 parts managed Coperion‘s warehouse is one of the largest in the industry.
It includes both original Coperion spare parts and parts from suppliers.

- Spare parts produced to the highest production standards
- Short delivery times and 24-hour express delivery service for stock parts
- Provision of substitute types for parts which are no longer available
- Gearbox and barrel replacement service
- Emergency stock for the quick replacement of core components

Service consulting
      C.3 Service consulting

Coperion‘s service consulting division is pleased to assist with anything from investment to
analysis of existing plants and on to maintenance and modernization issues.

- Profitability analyses prior to converting machines/systems or designing new versions
- Analyses to boost production efficiency
- Engineering studies for converting machines/systems or designing new versions
- Experiments at laboratory and test labs
- Fault analyses and diagnostics
- Studies for energy savings
- Assistance with topics like stocking of spare parts, maintenance, modernization or expansion

      C.4 Training:

Our extensive range of training courses for your production and maintenance staff is geared
specifically towards the requirements of participants.

- Pneumatic conveying
- Process engineering
- Control system and machine technology

Training courses are held at our training centers located in Stuttgart (D),
Weingarten (D) and Ramsey (USA) or on your premises.

      C.5 Modernization

The objectives of our modernization services are to achieve maximum productivity in conjunction with maximum availability and operational reliability of your facilities.

- Improved quality
- Improved throughput rates to enhance performance
- Replacement of control systems to boost production and operational reliability
- Cleaning systems to avoiding any cross contamination
- Wear protection to enhance stability


Service agreements

From basic inspection to the full-service contract our service agreements are geared to
accommodate your individual requirements. They minimize your risk while maximizing the
availability of your machines and plants.